Bil-Jac Chicken Flavor Chunk Frozen Dog Food, 5 lb. Bag provides a complete and balanced diet for dogs of all sizes from puppy to senior.


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NUTRITIOUS & DELICIOUS! That’s the Bil-Jac Frozen difference. Since 1947, we’ve been helping dogs thrive by providing the nutritional support they need to be happy and healthy, from nose-to-tail, every day. Our high-quality, wholesome ingredients, including locally-sourced fresh chicken, are gently cooked and then frozen at the peak of freshness to lock in taste and essential nutrients your dog needs for overall HEALTH & VITALITY. Bil-Jac contains canine specific probiotics to help support a healthy microbiome, GI tract and immune system. The naturally sourced Omega Fatty acids nourish and replenish your dog’s skin and coat. Quality carbohydrates provide energy and vitality.


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