K9warehouse Sliced Knuckles Dog Chew Treats, 4 count


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K9warehouse Sliced Knuckles Dog Chew Treats, 4 count. Knuckle bone for dog, beef knuckle, knuckle bone, dog knuckle bone, beef knuckle, dog bone knuckle, cow knuckle dog bone, knuckle dog bone, knuckle beef, dog treat knuckle, beef knuckle bone for dog, knuckle beef, dog bone knuckle, dog bone beef knuckle, knuckle for dog, knuckle bone for dog, dog bone knuckle, knuckle bone dog treat, beef knuckle bone, dog bone beef knuckle, dog knuckle bone, dog knuckle bone for large dog, knuckle dog chewy, dog chew knuckle bone.

  • NATURAL & DELICIOUS DOG BONES: K9warehouse sliced knuckle bones are 100% natural and healthy. Beef knuckle, dog treat knuckle, knuckle chew bone, knuckle bone dog, rawhide knuckle, knuckle beef bone, dog bone knuckle, knuckle bone for dog.
  • GRASS FED & FREE RANGE CATTLE: Our long lasting dog bone chews are sourced from grass-fed and free-range cattle. Beef bone knuckle, knuckle bone in meat, chew knuckle, dog treat knuckle, beef knuckle dog bone, dog bone knuckle bone, dog treat.
  • NUTRITIOUS & DIGESTIBLE: These knuckle bones for dogs are fully digestible and have no side effects. Our careful and natural preparation of the beef knuckle dog bone treats effectively eliminates all contaminants; making its’ consumption totally safe.
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY TEETH & GUMS: Our bones for dogs help keep the dog’s teeth healthy and clean. Effectively removes plaque, tartar build-up and strengthens gums and jaws. Chewing our smoked beef bones for dogs helps pups properly develop shoulder, neck, and jaw muscles.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL SIZE OF DOGS: Our dog bones are designed specifically for all breeds and sizes including small, medium, and, large. If you have a large aggressive chewing dog these beef bones are great. From poodles to German shepherds!


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