Lay’s Kettle Cooked Sea Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips, 8 Oz.


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The perfect blend of delicious sea salt and tangy vinegar, Lay’s Kettle Cooked Sea Salt & Vinegar potato chips are so authentic you’ll think you’ve taken a trip to the beach. Don’t believe us? Just ask that pelican standing behind you. When it comes to kettle style chips, nothing beats the thick, home-style crunch of Lay’s Kettle Cooked Potato Chips. Lay’s Salt & Vinegar Flavored Kettle Cooked Potato Chips are a crunchy thick slice of home-style taste. Each lip-smacking batch is uniquely made to deliver a hearty crunch that will surely satisfy even the most discerning potato chip aficionado. Take a minute to relax, unwind, and savorç’½??one delicious bite at a time.Lay’s Kettle Cooked Sea Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips, 8 Oz.


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