Ol’ Roy Complete Nutrition T-Bone & Bacon Flavor Dry Dog Food


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Ol’ Roy Complete Nutrition T-Bone and Bacon Flavor Dry Dog Food provides your dog with the nourishment they need and a taste they will love. At Ol’ Roy, we know that a happy, healthy dog starts from within. Bright eyes, a shiny coat, and boundless amounts of energy are all traits of a happy, healthy dog. That’s why we’ve created this high-quality complete nutrition formula, to help keep your dog at their best. The new formula includes increased protein and fat levels to provide your dog with the essential nutrition they need to stay healthy and happy. Each serving of this 100-percent complete and balanced nutrition dog food comes specially formulated for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes. It also has a great meaty T-bone and bacon glavor to encourage a healthy appetite in your beloved furry friend. Treat your dog to the nutritious benefits and flavor of our Ol’ Roy Complete Nutrition T-Bone and Bacon Flavor Dry Dog Food.

The story of Ol’ Roy is one most folks from Bentonville, Arkansas remember. Mr. Sam was often seen driving around town with his trusted companion in the passenger seat of a red and white pickup truck. Mr. Sam loved Ol’ Roy like family and we kept that in mind when creating the brand that would carry Ol’ Roy’s name in 1981. Today, Ol’ Roy continues to be a symbol of dependability, giving you peace of mind that you are providing your dog with quality food for a happy life.
If for any reason you or your pet don’t love this product, we’ll replace it or give you your money back. For questions, call 1-877-307-2192 or visit walmart.com.

Ol’ Roy Complete Nutrition Dry Dog Food, T-Bone & Bacon Flavor, 46 lbs:

  • Ideal for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes
  • Great tasting T-Bone and Bacon Flavor to encourage healthy appetite
  • 21% protein and 10% fat
  • No added artificial flavor
  • 100% complete and balanced nutrition
  • Fortified with essential nutrients to help support a healthy lifestyle

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15 lbs, 46 lbs


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