Pedialyte Sport Electrolyte Powder Fruit Punch Powder (Pack of 6)


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Pedialyte Sport has a scientifically designed balance of electrolytes and sugar, with 3x the electrolytes and ¼ the sugar of the leading sports drinks.* It’s formulated for athletes to provide fast hydration and muscle support before, during, and after exercise. And it has 5 key electrolytes that help replace what is lost in sweat during intense workouts: sodium (to avoid muscle cramping), chloride (for fluid balance), potassium (for muscle and nerve function), magnesium (for muscle health), and phosphate (for muscle repair). From the hydration brand that has been used by professional sports teams for decades, Pedialyte Sport is available in ready-to-drink liters and convenient powder packs that go anywhere you do. It comes in 2 great flavors: Fruit Punch and Lemon Lime. * Pedialyte Sport products have 1380mg sodium and no more than 14g sugar per liter; leading sports drinks have ≈460mg sodium and ≈58g sugar per liter.

  • FAST HYDRATION WITH 5 KEY ELECTROLYTES: Contains 5 key electrolytes for fast rehydration and muscle support
  • MORE THAN SPORTS DRINKS: Pedialyte Sport has 3X the electrolytes and sugar of the leading sports drinks
  • FORMULATED FOR ATHLETES: Advanced hydration designed to quickly replenish fluids and electrolytes lost during exercise
  • HYDRATE LIKE THE PROS: Fast hydration from the brand used by professional sports teams for decades
  • GREAT FLAVORS: Available in 2 amazing flavors, in ready-to-drink liters and convenient powder packs that go anywhere

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