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Treat yourself to Ambrosia Apples. Ambrosia apples are crisp and juicy with a sweet honey-like flavor perfect for use in a variety of dishes morning, noon, and night.  Perfect for snacking, they have a low acidity and are slow to brown. Chop the apples up and add them to a salad with walnut, mixed greens, and a poppy seed vinaigrette for a crunchy delicious salad that you can enjoy for lunch or dinner. Slice and plate them up on the side of your breakfast for a healthy start to your day. Serve them with a dollop of peanut butter for a delicious treat or add them to your cheese board for a mouthwatering sweet and salty combination. Create delicious meals and treats with Ambrosia Apples.

Jazz Apples, each:

  • Crisp with dense flesh and a fruity-sweet tartness
  • Great morning, noon, or night
  • Chop them up and add to a salad, slice and plate them up on the side of your breakfast, or serve with a dollop of peanut butter
  • Add them to a cheese board for a sweet and salty combination
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