Angel Soft Toilet Paper, 24 Mega Rolls


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With our new Mega Rolls, Angel Soft Toilet Paper delivers even more of the softness & strength your family relies on with 20% thicker sheets—and always at a price that fits your budget. Each Mega Roll contains 320 2-ply sheets, fits standard bathroom toilet paper holders and is flushable and septic safe in standard sewer and septic systems. Stock up and save by ordering Angel Soft bath tissue in bulk!

Angel Soft Toilet Paper, 24 Mega Rolls = 96 Regular Rolls, 2-Ply Bath Tissue

  • An Ideal Balance of Softness and Strength. At a price that always fits your budget
  • Now delivers even more of what you love with 20% thicker sheets—for a difference you can feel
  • Each Mega Roll is equal to 4 Angel Soft Regular Rolls, so you can change the roll less often
  • Soft, strong, septic safe in standard, well-maintained sewer and septic systems and made from sustainably sourced trees
  • Each pack contains 24 Mega Rolls with 320 2-ply sheets per roll
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