AVENA Arnica Hand & Body Lotion 17 fl oz.


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Healthy skin is beautiful skin, a reflection of self-care inside and out, it is discovering your natural beauty at its best. AVENA arnica lotion by Instituto Español is made with flower extract, cocoa butter and 100% natural arnica as an essential ingredient. Its great moisturizing action provides your skin with a unique freshness and smoothness. Arnica plant is considered one of the best plants to relieve pain. Our lotion is an intensive treatment to soften and improve your skin, even vein areas, while you relax! We use the best ingredients to help reveal the best of your skin. You will see a significant improvement with continued use. What are you waiting for to improve your skin? Start today with our incredible AVENA arnica body lotion!

  • Assists your skin in recovering hydration and activating circulation
  • Conditions and softens damaged skin
  • Its natural formula relaxes, moisturizes, tones and rejuvenates tired legs
  • This excellent body lotion combines all the soothing, healing and therapeutic benefits to pamper yourself!
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