Bananas, each


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Enhance breakfast and baking dishes by incorporating fresh Banana Fruit into family-favorite recipes. Each banana is a versatile fruit that’s packed with potassium and dietary fiber to help maintain a balanced and nutritional diet. They’re essential to a wealth of traditional recipes, as well as a healthy, easy snack the entire family will enjoy. Their soft, ripened fruit is a favorite of all ages and offers a sweet and delicious bite that makes a tasty smoothie and snack addition. Raw bananas have a universal use that complements many flavors and can easily add a different and delicious dimension to ice cream and dessert treats.

Bananas, Pound:

  • Sold by the pound
  • Organic bananas are primarily ripened before the sale
  • Soft fruit is protected by easy-to-peel banana peel
  • Can be enjoyed raw or cooked
  • Usually used to elevate dessert and breakfast recipes
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