BCOOSS Toilet Brush and Holder Set, Bathroom Toilet Bowl Brush and Caddy Cleaner Anti Slip with Sturdy Soft Silicone Bristle Removable Water Drawer Quick Drying (White)


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Show You How We‘ve Improved – BCOOSS Upgrade White Toilet Brush
Durable yet flexible bristles – Yes, Cleaning is the point, we’ve checked many different material as bristles, at the end, we choose wear-resistant TPR material, find a balance between cleaning efficiency and hardness of the brush bristle. Which results to superb cleaning experience.
Quickly Drying Without Odor – When we use toilet brush cleaning done, it remains some sewage in the holder, although it hollow design, it still need some time to evaporate, so our toilet brush built in a water drawer design, just pull it out and let the sewage out, plus the hollow inside design, it will drying quickly than other toilet brush, no odor or sewage.
Ergonomic Handle – Anti – slip and stainless steel handle, comfortable to hold, cleaning with ease.
Top Grade Material – All of the parts of toilet brush are made by selected top grade material, for long usage, we may look same from other toilet brush, but we are totally different in every details.

  • Premium Materials – Toilet brush bristles are the core of any toilet brush. To prevent your toilet bowl from being scratched, our toilet bowl bristles are made from high-quality, environmentally friendly, TPR material that are gentle yet clean efficiently. The wide cleaning surface ensures contact with more areas in your toilet and enhances its dirt removing power. Best of all, the bristles and their shape won’t wear out, allowing you to have a perfectly clean toilet for years to come.
  • Upgraded ventilation water drawer design- this new version of the white toilet brush features a removable water drawer with a hollow suspension design, which helps drain water and dry quickly. You can also easily pull out the drip tray to remove excess water at anytime to prevent sewage from contaminating the floor. No more waiting for slow drying- keep the toilet brush neat and clean.
  • Choose how you want to install – Compare to regular toilet brush, we provide an additional way to store your toilet brush. No need for drilling on the wall, simply place the sticker on the wall, and slide the stand onto the sticker. It won’t cause any warm your wall. If you prefer, you can place the toilet bowl brush on the ground.
  • Efficient Deep Cleaning Experience – Our toilet bowl brush set comes with a non-slip, ergonomic holder and is comfortable to hold. The soft, TPR silicone bristles squish down enough to get into all the nooks and crannies, saving you effort while cleaning, and giving you a sparkling bathroom!
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