Bonison 3 Replacement Mop Micro Head Refill Hurricane For 360 Degree Spin Anti-Abrasive


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Keep your space fresh and welcoming with these Three Replacement Mop Heads Refill Hurricane for Spin Magic Mop. The pack is made to last more than a year for normal house cleaning. These 360-degree mop heads are constructed with anti-abrasive materials to prevent scratches. They come in a standard size and gently lift away dirt and grime from your floors to help restore their beauty. These microfiber mop heads are easy to replace and come in four random colors.

  • Heavy-duty loop end mop head
  • 360-degree mop heads have 4 colors available: red, blue, yellow, and purple; you will get a random color in the package
  • Microfiber mop heads lift dirt and grime easily
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