Cat Gotcha Tongue Fish Fry | Cornmeal & Seasoning Blend for Seafood | Fish Seasoning Blend, Inspired by Louisiana Style Southern Cooking 10 oz (Pack of 1)


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Cat Gotcha Tongue Cornmeal and Seasoning Blend. It’s a family recipe that goes back for generations!

We take some of the very best spices and herbs and commercially blend them to make one of the tastiest recipes for fried fish, shrimp, oysters and all other seafood needs.

Crispy and crunchy with a flavor that your taste buds will demand more of……

Simple to use with our easy to follow instructions. Once your friends and family try this, they will be asking for more! breaded fish fry that is savory and golden with flavor to match. We take tremendous pride in each and every product we sell.

Any time is the right time for our Southern Fried Catfish Cornmeal Seasoning Blend. Cat Gotcha Tongue is our name and the flavorful taste will leave you speechless! Invite your family, neighbors and friends to your next reunion, dinner or backyard fish fry. Our blend has some of the best tasting herbs and spices in the Lone Star State.

Guaranteed freshness! Try us out and our other products coming soon. Thanks from our Family to yours!

Q: Are your products gluten free?

A: Currently, none of our products that we offer are gluten free.

Q: Does your products contain MSG?

A:Yes,Our products contain MSG.

Q: What length of time do herbs and spice blends remain fresh?

A: With most herbs and spices, cooks can expect them to maintain their freshness for approximately one year; up to 3 years with many dried or whole spices. They should always be stored in an area that is out of direct sunlight, away from any type of moisture. It is preferable to store them in a dark area, such as a pantry, away from any cooking surfaces. We provide resealable bags to keep our products fresh for longer.

Q: Are your products spicey?

A: No, all of our current products are considered very favorable and mild.

  • PREMIUM FLAVOR: Our breading mix uses the highest quality flour and seasonings. Our flour based recipe will allow for maximum crisp and crunch in each bite. Exciting your taste buds in a southern style bathe of flavor.
  • UP TO 4 POUNDS OF FRIED CHICKEN: This 10 ounce packet of breading mix is perfect for coating up to 4 pounds of chicken. Easily cover and toss your poultry in your favorite shaker bowl.
  • VERSATILE USE: Though our bread mix is designed to perfectly coat your chicken, it can be used on many meat items. Breaded fish, chicken fried steak, and pork are all enhanced by our flavorful blend.
  • FAMILY OWNED: We take pride in being a family owned and operated business. This recipe has been serving delicious fried chicken from generation to generation.

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