Clorox 2 Laundry Stain Remover and Color Booster, Original, 88 oz Bottle


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Remove the stain and not the color with Clorox 2 for Colors 3-in-1 Laundry Additive. This color-safe formula removes visible and invisible dirt, even the surface-level dirt that cant be seen by the naked eye. It also removes odor and helps keep your clothes looking newer, longer. This stain remover packs a special brightening punch as it brightens colors and whitens whites all without harming the color of your fabric. Everyday stains, no problem. Clorox 2 for Colors makes doing laundry way easier as it combats everyday stains in the wash, or you can pretreat tough stains including ink, blood, coffee and more and watch stains disappear within minutes. The bleach-free formula is safe to add this laundry essential to every load with detergent for color brightening power and a total clean. Win the battle against odor and tough stains and keep clothes bright and looking new with Clorox 2 for Colors Laundry Additive.

  • REMOVES STAINS AND ODOR: 3-in-1 formula removes tough everyday laundry stains, removes odor and delivers color brightening power all without harming the color; Package may vary
  • REMOVES VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE DIRT: This laundry additive can remove visible dirt like mud and stains, but also small, surface-level dirt thats invisible to the naked eye
  • COLOR AND FABRIC SAFE: This stain remover and color brightener is safe for all loads, both color and washable fabrics, and can be used in standard and high efficiency washing machines
  • BRIGHTENING: Contains 2x the color brightening power than detergent alone as it whitens whites and brightens colors wash after wash while removing those awful stains and saving the color
  • BLEACH-FREE FORMULA: This color-safe formula is bleach-free to especially remove stains and odor without the harsh odors or harming your clothes and linens

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88 oz

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