CLR Sports Stain Remover, Gentle Laundry Spray for Stains, Odors, and Spots, 22 fl oz


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Dirt, sweat, and food stains are no match for the CLR Sports Stain Remover!

Getting stains and odors out of everyday clothes and sports uniforms can be frustrating, but your New Year’s fitness resolutions shouldn’t have to suffer because you are worried about sweat and dirt stains. CLR Sports Stain Remover Spray is here to save the day because, after all, life is messy enough… but your clothes don’t need to be! Enjoy your and your family’s favorite spring sports from baseball to track and field without fear of permanent stains, odors, or spots. CLR is powerful and versatile, while also being gentle and safe to use on all fabrics. We carefully formulated CLR to not include harmful chemicals nor bleach, butyl, phosphates, chlorinated petroleum, or other ozone-depleting solvents. It’s safe for you AND your family.

Use in the kids’ laundry with other non-stained items as a laundry pre-treatment or simply spray on dirty clothes to get rid of the odor. No matter the reason, whether you experience chocolate stains on Valentine’s Day or wine stains from Friday’s game night, CLR Sports Stain Remover is here to help. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it takes a load off your plate when it comes to keeping up with not only your spills but your kiddos’ spills too. From newborns to active teens to adults, CLR Sports Stain Remover is perfect for taking on the toughest of stains.

  • 22-ounce spray bottle of stain remover for clothes and sports equipment, household items, and spills
  • Removes anything from Valentine’s Day chocolate stains to sweat stains from determined days at the gym
  • Environmentally friendly with no butyl, bleach, or phosphates
  • Multi-purpose stain cleaner for most stains, from mud to wine
  • Effectively removes grass and dirt stains, sweat stains, chocolate stains, coffee spills, spit-up, and more
  • Safe to use on all fabrics and surfaces whether you’re at the washing machine or spraying around the house
  • Gentle and tough enough to use as baby laundry spray, sweat stain remover, and dirty sports uniform cleaner
  • WOMEN OWNED – Certified WBENC, Women’s Business Enterpriser
  • Visit for cleaning tips and uses of CLR Cleaning Solutions

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