Color Scents Small Trash Bags, 4 Gallon, 80 Bags (Ocean Mist Scent, Twist Tie)


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Color Scents 4-gallon small trash bags are perfectly sized to handle life’s small messes. For use in the bathroom, bedroom, or any room around the house where a small bin is used. Our ocean mist scent is delicate and delivers subtle bursts of fragrance to help maintain an inviting smell while combating unwanted odors. Add in a pop of color with our home décor complementing colors and voila, your house is a home!

  • 4 GALLON WASTE BAG: 80 count, blue plastic, twist tie trash bags in ocean mist scent
  • TWIST TIE CLOSURE: The quick and easy twist tie closure secures the bag and makes for simple removal, keeping all trash inside
  • COLORED PLASTIC WASTE BAG: Add a pop of color with our blue liner
  • EASY TO DISPENSE: With our easy to dispense pull tab on the side of every sleeve you are sure to get one bag dispensing one whiff at a time
  • OCEAN MIST SCENT: Fresh air meets a cool and crisp ocean breeze. The ocean is calling.
  • GARBAGE CAN LINER: Ideal for collection of lightweight trash such as shredded paper, tissue and other light weight, non-sharp waste
  • ALTERNATE USE:  A great alternative for clean-up of pet waste and a helpful addition to your diaper bag.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Our makers are a founding member of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste.
  • BERRY GLOBAL CARES: About Mother Earth and is continually growing and learning in our sustainability efforts. To learn more and grow with us,

Color Scents is a modern household products brand that relates, understands, and communicates authentically with its customers. Cultivated and driven to solve everyday home challenges in a beautiful way, Color Scents is a friend (and hero, when needed) and can be counted on for life’s toughest messes with the science of strength. Capture the Strength + Beauty of Color Scents.

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