Ensueno Spring Fresh, 94 Loads, Liquid Fabric Softener


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Soothe your senses with the Scent Boost Technology of Ensuenoo Max Liquid Fabric Softener. You can enjoy 35 days of long-lasting spring fresh scent with our innovative “touch release” scent microcaps. A quick rub of the fabric activates the encapsulated fragrance, releasing spring freshness whenever you need it. This color-safe, biodegradable formula contains plant-based softening materials. We support sustainable practices with our bottles that are made from recycled materials. Refresh your home and your senses with the cleaning power of Ensuenoo.

  • Fabric Softener, Spring Fresh, Max
  • 94 loads (small loads). New and improved formula with micro capsules technology. Over 30 days of fresh fragrance. Alen. HE compatible. Biodegradable formula. Benefits: maximum aroma; 30+ days of freshness; color safe; softness; easy ironing. Ensueno = dream-like ideal. Great for linens and towels. Follow HE washer manufacturer’s instructions for product dispensing. Questions or comments? 1-800-615-3191. Visit www.ensueno.com, www.alenusa.com. Made in Mexico.
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