Gerber 100% Fruit Juice Toddler Juice White Grape, 32 fl oz, Bottle


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Pour your little one a glass of Gerber 100% White Grape Juice for a delicious toddler drink. The goodness in every bottle starts with juice from about 260 naturally sweet white grapes. Each bottle contains 100% fruit juice from concentrate with added vitamin C. Made with non-GMO ingredients, this Gerber bottled juice is unsweetened with no artificial flavors or colors, and it delivers 100% daily value of vitamin C. Pour a 1/2 cup serving of the fruit drink into a cup for your toddler to help develop drinking skills. Refrigerate the multi-serving juice bottles after opening and use within 3 days of opening for maximum freshness.One 32 oz bottle of Gerber 100% Fruit Juice White Grape Baby Juice|The health and safety of your little one has been and will always be Gerber’s highest priority. We’re a leader in infant nutrition, not just because we grow food that will feed your little one, but also because we know what nourishment your little one needs. |

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