Glad Cling Plastic Wrap, 2 pk./400 sq. ft. – Clear


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Glad Cling ‘N Seal gives you 2X Freshness Protection with an airtight seal and moisture block technology. Glad Cling ‘N Seal extends your food’s freshness by keeping air out with a superior seal cling versus the national brand, keeping your foods fresher longer based on moisture loss in produce versus no protection. Its easy to use roll makes protecting your favorite foods fast and simple. This food wrap is easy to handle and grips to a variety of surfaces, such as glass and metal, making it useful for portioning, preparing, steaming and protecting. Cling ‘N Seal can be used outside of the kitchen too. It is great to use for preventing leaks in toiletries when traveling, wrapping wet paint brushes to use later, or keeping items in drawers when moving. Glad Cling ‘N Seal is made without BPA and is microwave safe. Glad protects and seals with ease.


  • Easy to use
  • Clings to food items, plates and containers to help keep food fresh
  • Microwave safe and BPA free
  • Includes two 400 sq. ft. rolls of plastic wrap (Model 12587-70257)
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