Goya Goya Corn Meal, 35.2 oz


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This Goya Masarepa Cornmeal Pre-Cooked Yellow Meal has a variety of uses. It is enriched for greater nutrient value and is pre-cooked for your convenience. It is an authentic product of Columbia and is a key ingredient of corn dough. Use the pre-cooked corn flour to make a wide variety of Latin American cuisines and other foods. It is also ideal for making arepas, corn cakes, empanadas, turnovers, hallacas, hallaquitas, bollos pelones, tamales, pupusas, tortillas, gorditas, polenta, milho fritto and more. It is kosher and is a good substitute for regular wheat flour. This pre-cooked yellow cornmeal is safe for gluten-free diets. It is a handy staple to keep ready in your pantry. This flour is available in a 35.2-oz bag. Serve something special with this Goya Masarepa Cornmeal Pre-Cooked Yellow Meal. Goya Masarepa Pre-Cooked Yellow Corn Meal:Corn Meal, Yellow. Masarepa. Pre-cooked. Enriched. Product of Colombia.

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