Husky Large Trash Bags, 30 Gallon, 80 Black Bags (Unscented, Tear-Resistant, Drawstring)


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Clean up your home and garage with these Husky Large Trash Bags. The 30-gallon size is convenient for extra-large kitchen bins, or your larger, 30-gallon garage cans. This mega pack box comes with 80 black bags to keep your unsightly trash hidden.

  • This package contains 80 Husky large trash, unscented, 30 gallon, black bags
  • The convenient drawstring closure makes the bag easy to close, and easy to carry
  • These bags are tear-resistant, with side-seals that resist leaks
  • Each bag measures 30″ W x 33″ H x 0.9mil thick
  • Fits most standard 30 gallon trash cans
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