Instituto Español Aceite Corporal Rosa Body Oil


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Instituto Español has created rosa moisturizing body oil, made with a rose base to make your skin soft. Our oil is a great product; it will help your regeneration the cell membrane and renew skin tissues. It will also help you prevent and attenuates premature aging of the skin, softening and hydrating your body, our product will also help you restore your skin elasticity. Roses body oil will keep your skin soft, nourished, helping it look healthier and younger. Our product is ideal for dry and delicate skin, including baby skin!

  • This body Oil is made to soften your skin and hydrate it due to its deep absorption
  • It will take care of your skin, leaving a pleasant and subtle scent of roses
  • This product is soft enough to use on baby’s skin to hydrating it
  • Promotes youthful skin by helping the appearance of scars and excessive dryness
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