LavoHome Toilet Plunger Double Thrust Force Cup Suction With Long Wooden Handle Fix Clogged Toilets


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Double Thrust Cup Plunger Plumber and Homeowner’s The plunger is the one household tool that is sadly neglected in one’s inventory until you need one. With a 6.5″ diameter of suction power, our plunger can get to the bottom of most clogs. It also features a 4″ head that fits securely into the drain pipe, affording you greater leverage and suction Fix that toilet in a Jiffy Most toilet clogs can be dispatched with a few plunges. Don’t forget to disinfect your plunger after use with clean toilet water, mixed with bleach if possible Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Occasionally your sink or tub will back up from repeated use when the drain has not been recently cleaned. Be sure to plunge in standing water The plunger needs water to force your clog through the pipe.

  • Heavy Duty Bathroom/toilet plunger with strong double suction rubber cup, great for restaurants and shops
  • Long wooden handle thick rubber plunger with large 6.5″ suction cup unlike others with 4″ suction head
  • Great for residential and commercial use
  • Plunger size: 6.5″ Wooden handle 16″
  • Assorted Colors
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