Manitoba Milling Finest Whole Milled Smooth Golden Flaxseed Flax Seed Powder 1 Lb 16 oz Fiber Protein ALA Omega 3 Fats Non GMO Gluten Free Farm to You Family Owned Farm Company


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MANITOBA MILLING COMPANY PROVIDES SMOOTH WHOLE MILLED GOLDEN CANADIAN FLAXSEED in a powdered form that is easily added to your favorite smoothie, protein shake, yogurt, or baking. Our golden flaxseed is grown on our farm on the vast Canadian prairies where our family has been growing high-quality nutritious grains for over a century. The cool pristine growing conditions in this area produce 80% of all flaxseed grown in North America. Our flaxseed is Non-GMO Project Verified and gluten free. MANITOBA MILLING COMPANY WHOLE MILLED FLAXSEED contains 100% of the nutritional components of flax including GOLDEN FLAXSEED OIL containing ALA Omega 3. We do not sell the byproduct of the oil pressing process, which is commonly referred to as FLAXSEED MEAL or GOLDEN FLAXSEED MEAL. FLAXSEED MEAL does not contain all of the nutritional value of WHOLE MILLED FLAXSEED, as the oil has been removed, leaving it lacking in the highly nutritious ALA Omega 3 oil. ALA Omega 3 found in WHOLE MILLED FLAXSEED has been the subject of many nutritional research studies which have shown numerous ways in which flaxseed helps consumers stay healthy. ALA Omega 3, along with many other nutritional components found in flaxseed, including dietary fiber lignans and protein, have been shown to support heart health, help maintain normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels, support bone health, support men’s and women’s specific health concerns, and support normal cognition. Flaxseed has also been used by many exercise enthusiasts for muscle building, exercise endurance, and weight management. Our Golden whole milled Canadian flaxseed goes through rigorous quality testing, where only healthy, mature, plump seeds are selected. Any diseased, discolored, broken, or immature seeds are removed from our process and discarded, as they can contribute to oxidation, rancidity, and overall poor taste and quality.

  • 1lb , 16oz
  • Finely milled smooth golden ground flaxseed
  • Canadian ground flaxseed
  • Golden flaxseed grown on our family farm in Manitoba, Canada
  • Flavor is neutral and nutty
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Women Owned
  • Fresh at room temperature for 24 months
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