Nestle Cerelac Maize with Milk 400g


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Cerelac compliments the milk feeds perfectly as it has the nutritional value of a fully balanced meal for baby

For babies 6 months and older.  Your little one will love it.

Great source of energy and chock filled with vitamins your baby needs (vitamins A, D, E, K and more) as well as minerals and protein. By feeding your baby Cerelac you can be assured that your baby gets all the energy, protein, vitamins and minerals need to provide a varied, balanced diet for baby.

Altogether contributes to normal cognitive development and energy throughout the body — that means a strong healthy mind and body!

A fully balanced, delicious meal for baby providing necessary iron, protein, vitamins and minerals to support normal growth and development. (400g)
Easy to use and prepare — just add boiled water, blend, and allow to cool to the appropriate temperature for baby to enjoy.
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