O-Cedar PowerCorner Large Angle Broom with Dust Pan, Great on All Hard Floor Surfaces, 2 Pc


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Take the Chore Out of Sweeping!

Handle all your household sweeping jobs with the PowerCorner® Large Angle Broom with Dustpan! The Large Angle Broom provides excellent corner cleaning and optimal sweeping performance. The sweeping broom features Double Bristle Technology to effectively pull dirt from corners and clean up messes indoors and out. The O-Cedar Large PowerCorner® Large Angle Broom removes over 99% of dust and dirt in just one sweep, so you don’t have to double sweep the floor. The included Dual-Action Dust Pan easily picks up and releases dirt, and attaches to the broom for easy storage. Take the chore out of sweeping the floor!

About O-Cedar

People have trusted O-Cedar brand products for over 100 years to make their lives easier with dependable household products that help get their cleaning jobs done right.

O-Cedar PowerCorner® Large Angle Broom and Dustpan Set

  • Removes over 99% of dust & dirt in one sweep*
  • Features Double Bristle Technology – Firm black bristles pull dirt from corners while softer grey bristles capture and move dirt
  • Memory Bristles™ resist bending and hold shape
  • Flare-Tip™ Technology captures fine dust and hair
  • Broom bristles made from 80% recycled plastic
  • Dual-Action Dust Pan easily picks up and releases dirt
  • Dustpan clicks onto the broom handle for easy storage
  • 14″ sweeping width, 55″ total broom height, 13.5″ wide dustpan
  • Great for all hard floor surfaces
  • Effective for indoor and outdoor cleaning

*Removes over 99% of common household dust and dirt like long grain rice, sugar, hair, and cereal in one sweep, as tested at an independent accredited lab

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