O2COOL 10 inch Battery or Electric Portable Fan, Camping Fan, Tent Accessory


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The O2COOL 10″ Battery Portable Fan will help everyone stay cool, even when there is no electricity around. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor activities. This portable battery-operated fan can be used when camping or just having an outdoor gathering in the backyard. Use it in a hot office or school, on a picnic and especially during a power outage. These battery-operated personal fans include a range of sizes, multiple power source options, patented blades for efficient operation and compact designs that allow them to be taken anywhere. The fan needs six D-size batteries if it is going to be used where there is no electricity. It has a handle built-in for carrying, so it can be transported easily. When in use, the base pulls down for stability. If electricity is present, it can be used as a traditional fan.

O2COOL Fans:

  • Since the O2COOL 10″ Battery or Electric Portable Fan has a flexible design, it can be tilted different degrees to get the air flowing in the desired direction.
  • Plug in with the AC adapter (not included) or use six D batteries (not included) for up to 40 hours of battery life
  • Powerful 2-speed 10″ blade
  • Convenient built-in handle and a stable horseshoe base
  • Portable battery-operated fan tilts for directional airflow
  • Compact, folding design makes it ideal for travel and easy to carry and store
  • Battery-operated personal fan has a collapsible design
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