OxiClean MaxForce Gel Stick, Pack of 1, 6.2 ounce


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4 in 1 power gel stick has 4 types of stain fighters with a special scrubbing top to help remove your toughest dried-in stains. The 1st time, grass and blood, food stains, soil and clay, grease and oil. The ultra-concentrated gel has Stain grabbing nubs that help break apart and remove stains without damaging the fabric. Treat now and wash later up to one week before washing. Non-staining Blue formula lets you see where you’ve treated then rinses away clean.

  • The Max Force Gel Stick contains special stain the ultra-concentrated gel formula deep into clothing fibers to help break apart stains.
  • Then, the gel removes stains using 5 types of stain fighters
  • Lift food stains from fabric and Dissolve and trap grease and oil
  • Bind to dirt and soils to suspend and rinse them away
  • Help break down food thickeners such as those found in ice cream
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