Parent’s Choice Baby Mini Gentle Bath Loofah, Bath Sponge for Babies, Color May Vary


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Parent’s Choice Gentle Baby Mini Sponge is the perfect choice for your baby’s bath time. Made with a soft sponge netting, it creates a rich lather, and the soft texture is gentle on baby’s delicate skin. The small size of this sweet little pouf ball is just right for your little one’s tubby time. It works well with any baby wash for a silky smooth, thorough cleanse. Our baby mini sponge needs only a small amount of soap, so your baby wash and shampoos will last longer. Simply wet, apply your favorite wash, and soak over baby for a warm and bonding bath experience. When finished, rinse the sponge, and hang it to dry by the loop. There are 6 different fun colors that will make a wonderful addition to your baby bathing routine. Have fun while keeping your child’s skin clean and healthy with Parent’s Choice Gentle Baby Mini Sponge

Parent’s Choice Baby Mini Gentle Bath Loofah, Bath Sponge for Babies, Color May Vary, 1 Count:

  • Soft texture for gentle baby cleansing
  • Perfect size for baby bath
  • Creates rich creamy lather
  • Conserves baby wash
  • Rinse and hang dry with drying loop
  • Colors May Vary: green, dark blue, light blue, purple, pink, and/or green

About Parent’s Choice:

Parent’s Choice provides parents with baby and toddler products you need at a price that won’t push your budget over the edge. We offer everything you need from bath time to bed time and every time in between, all with the high quality we know your little one needs. Parent’s Choice is conveniently available online and in Walmart stores nationwide, allowing you to stock up, save money and live better.

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