Pillsbury Best Bread Flour, 5 lb Bag


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Delicious baking from scratch is at your fingertips with Pillsbury Best Bread Flour. A tradition since 1869, this Pillsbury flour is made from high-quality hard wheat that’s perfect for baking. This white flour is unbleached and enriched to create wholesome, delicious breads and baked goods. Use this Pillsbury high gluten flour for baking homemade bread, rolls and pizza crusts, whether you’re hand kneading it or using a bread machine. The 5 pound bag of bread flour has enough flour for many batches, making it a great addition to your baking ingredients. Get more love out of your loaf with Pillsbury Best Bread Flour.

  • One 5 lb bag of Pillsbury Best Bread Flour
  • Flour made from high-quality milled wheat perfect for baking
  • Unbleached, enriched baking flour for making yeast breads, rolls and pizza crusts by hand or in your bread machine
  • Make French bread, Italian bread, Focaccia or other homemade bread with this white flour
  • Perfect for making bread for family dinners or larger gatherings
  • Pillsbury flour has been a tradition since 1869
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