Prestone All Vehicles – 10yr/300k mi – Antifreeze+Coolant (1 Gal – Ready to Use)


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Prestone All Vehicles antifreeze+coolant – Ready To Use (50/50 Prediluted) is our optimized formula for All Vehicles; makes, models, years and fluid colors. Our Patented Cor-Guard® Technology (our best coolant innovation in decades) works with all new engines, and also is backward compatible – providing instant protection in older engines. Not only does Prestone Coolant Technology manage engine temperature all year round and protects against freezing, it also uniquely protects the engine from serious damage. No matter what type of coolant is currently in your engine, a Single Top-off of Patented Cor-Guard® Technology instantly protects parts better from corrosion, buildup, pitting, scaling, rust and other damage; a complete replacement of all coolant protects to the maximum. Internal engine damage can cause parts failure, resulting in expensive auto repair shop bills and downtime inconveniences. Using Prestone Antifreeze+Coolant protects against engine issues and those inconveniences.

Prestone Extended Life Pre-diluted Antifreeze Coolant with Cor-Guard:

  • Formulated to work with All Vehicles. Works with all fluid colors; All OAT, POAT, HOAT & IAT.
  • Longer Engine Life Guarantee  – 10 Yr., 300,000 mile Extended life formula
  • Includes patented Prestone CorGuard technology, our best advancement in cooling system parts protection that protects against rust and corrosion of all cooling system metals, including aluminum.  Protection for 300,000 miles.
  • Ready to Use formula.  (prediluted to a 50% Eg & 50% distilled water mix).  Perfect for small volume top-off or complete drain and refill of the cooling system

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