Purex Crystals In-Wash Fragrance and Scent Booster, Fresh Mountain Breeze, 21 Ounce


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Long-lasting freshness with Purex Crystals Fresh Mountain Breeze scent booster. Purex Crystals infuses your clothes with an extraordinary freshness that puts the finishing touch on your laundry and makes every day a little more rewarding. With the exciting variety of fragrances Purex Crystals offers, it’s easy to find a fragrance to match every laundry occasion. Whether it’s a relaxing freshness for your sheets or a more stimulating scent for you and your family’s activewear, Purex Crystals has you covered. This package includes one 21-ounce bottle of in-wash fragrance booster.

  • Purex Crystals is an in-wash fragrance booster, which provides freshness that lasts for weeks. Use a little or a lot, directly in the laundry.
  • Add Purex Crystals to the start of the wash cycle with detergent. It spends more time with your laundry injecting it with a fresh scent that lasts for weeks, not days.
  • Safe for all loads including towels, activewear, and children’s sleepwear
  • Fresh Mountain Breeze Capture the exhilarating moment of a crisp, fresh breeze and give your laundry long-lasting, just-washed freshness.
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