Raid Essentials Ant, Spider & Roach Killer 27, 10 oz Aerosol


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Raid Essentials Ant, Spider & Roach Killer, safe for use around children and pets, while still being quick and effective for killing bugs. Now you don’t have to choose between being safe or effective when selecting products to protect your home from bugs. The convenient and continuous aerosol spray will easily get to the bugs, taking care of the problem quickly and safely. The can itself is aluminum and will not rust, and you can feel secure in storing the bottle due to the locking cap feature.

• Introducing Raid Essentials Ant, Spider & Roach Killer that is safe to use around kids and pets
• Raid Essentials is made with essential oils, and is specifically designed with plant-based ingredients to kill bugs
• Deals with ants, spiders, roaches and other crawling insects
• As Raid, we are proud to be America’s most trusted insect control brand
• Ideal for use all around your home

Quickly kills insects (i)
(i) Ants & roaches (ii)
Kills Crawling Insects: Roaches (Such as German Roaches and American Roaches), Ants (Such as Pharaoh Ants, Carpenter Ants, Red Imported Fire Ants, Harvester Ants, and Argentine Ants), Cellar Spiders, Centipedes, Beetles, Fleas, Earwigs, Silverfish, Firebrats, Sowbugs, and Stink Bugs.
(ii) German roaches, pharaoh and argentine ants.

Safe for Use Around Children & Pets*
*When used as directed.

  • Made With Essential Oils
  • For Use in the Home
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