Red Star Active Dry Yeast, 0.25 Oz, 3 Ct


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All dry yeast types are suitable for recipes using traditional and bread machine baking methods. In traditional dough making, (kneading by hand or in a stand mixer), you may use Instant (Platinum or Quick Rise) Yeast and Active Dry Yeast interchangeably, one for one. You may incorporate either type of yeast by rehydrating the yeast in warm water with sugar first or blending the yeast with the dry ingredients prior to adding warm liquids. With faster-acting instant yeast, the dough may rise faster; with moderate-acting active dry yeast, the same dough may rise more slowly. Simply monitor how the dough is rising and adjust the time accordingly. If your yeast is stored in the refrigerator or freezer, we recommend allowing the dry yeast come to room temperature before using. Active Dry Yeast is not recommended for use in one-hour or express bread machine cycles.

Red Star 3-Strip Envelopes 2 Ctn ADY

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