Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil, Heavy Duty, 18 inch, 37.5 Square Feet


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Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil stands up to the demands of extra-high heat and freezing cold, making it perfect for cooking that calls for high-quality performance. For over 70 years, home cooks have trusted the strength, versatility and durability of Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil throughout their homes; now, trust Reynolds heavy duty foil to tackle even the heartiest meals with ease. The extra-thick gauge in heavy duty Reynolds Wrap can be used to protect food in all steps of the cooking process, even through extreme temperatures in the oven or freezer, and helps keep leftovers fresh when the cooking’s done. Use heavy duty aluminum foil to line baking pans and sheets for easy cleanup, or to wrap food while roasting or baking to seal in flavor and moisture. The Easy Tear Edge makes it easy to tear off the right size piece of heavy duty aluminum foil roll to protect your leftovers from freezer burn or high heat. Wrap meats and veggies in a foil packet for an easy, flavorful meal in the oven or on the grill. With so much versatility, you can rely on Reynolds heavy duty foil to make prepping, cooking and cleanup easier—and more fun!

  • Aluminum Foil For Grilling – This package contains one roll of Reynolds Aluminum Foil for the grill measuring 25 feet long by 18 inches wide (37.5 square feet total)
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  • 18” Width Covers Grill Grates – Line your grill with this extra-wide aluminum wrap to keep food from falling through grates & to make cleanup easy
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  • Now With An Easy Open, Easy Close Box— New package has a tab that keeps box fully closed for storing after use, and orange color-coding that makes it easy to identify
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