Saran Cling PlusWrap 200 sq ft


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Saran Clear 200Sqft/12 Us.

• Keep food protected, the fresh way!
• Ideal for covering and storing your prepared foods and leftovers
• Ideal for even reheating prepared foods and leftovers in the microwave
• It tightly clings to foods, sealing in the freshness
• Ideal for keeping food fresh on the go

Facts You Can Feel Good About™
• Product not formulated with BPA (Bisphenol A)

Restart Strip™
Adhesive Panel Holds Wrap in Place Ready for Next Use

It’s Not Just Any Wrap. It’s Saran™ Wrap!

  • Great Value!
  • Designed for a tight cling
  • Puncture and tear resistant to keep foods fresh
  • Easy-handling wrap
  • Excellent cling
  • Kosher
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