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SmartMouth The Original Activated Dual-Solution Breath Rinse Single Packs, 4 fl oz, 10 count


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H2S eliminator∞ & Zn+2 activator
∞Eliminates H2S and all other volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) in the mouth.

24hr bad breath prevention*
*For 24hr bad breath prevention, rinse 2x daily after brushing & flossing.

Why 2 Separate Solutions?
The power of SmartMouth™ is in the Activation. Pour the two solutions together to activate the Smart-Zinc™, which eliminates and prevents bad breath for at least 12 hours with each rinse.

  • Fresh mint
  • Alcohol free
  • Take fresh breath wherever you go!
  • At work, for travel or anywhere!
  • For adults & children 6 & older
  • Activates Zinc Ions Blocks Sulfur Gas

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Twin, 9 Pack

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