Sparkle Tear-A-Square Paper Towels, White, 24 Double Rolls


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NEW Sparkle Tear-A-Square 2-ply Paper Towels with Thirst Pockets are specially designed with an extra perforation on every sheet – putting you in control of how much towel you use for the task at hand. Choose between a full sheet, a half sheet, or a NEW quarter sheet option. Each Double Roll contains 110 2-ply sheets. Sparkle Paper Towels are just right for cleaning up your everyday messes without cleaning out your piggy bank. Whether you need to wipe up a mess in your kitchen, take care of small drips and dribbles or clean little hands and faces, with Sparkle Tear-A-Square, you can choose just the right amount of paper towel you need so you can spend less on your everyday messes. Stock up and save by ordering Sparkle towels in bulk!

Sparkle Tear-A-Square Paper Towels, White, 24 Double Rolls = 48 Regular Rolls, 110 2-Ply Sheets per Roll – (4 Packs of 6 Rolls per Case)

  • Sparkle® Tear-A-Square® Paper Towels with Thirst Pockets help you handle your everyday messes at a value that’s just right.
  • Each Tear-A-Square® Double Roll has 110, 2-ply sheets and is equal to 2 Regular Rolls.
  • Maximize the value of your paper towels with Sparkle® Tear-A-Square®—choose what you use with full, half & NEW quarter sheet sizes.
  • Great for everyday kitchen and household clean-up, plus quarter sheets are perfectly sized for little hands, lunchboxes & more!
  • Each case contains 4 packs of 6 Double Rolls with 110 2-ply sheets per roll, 11 x 6 in. sheets.
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