TERRO Fruit Fly Traps – 2 Pack


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These TERRO Fruit Fly Traps are just what is needed to solve a familiar yet annoying problem for most homeowners. Fruit flies are commonly spotted swarming around kitchen fruit bowls and near garbage storage areas and they’re not often easy to get rid of. This fast-acting fly trap will lure adult fruit flies into the trap using a non-toxic, food-based liquid lure. Once the flies enter the trap, they cannot escape to continue breeding and multiplying to help rid your home of these pests. Gone are the days of unsightly traps since these non-toxic fruit fly traps have an attractive apple-shape that looks right at home in any kitchen.

TERRO Fruit Fly Traps – 2 Pack

  • Safe and quick elimination of fruit flies
  • Fruit flies enter the trap and cannot escape
  • Ready-to-use and non-toxic
  • Each trap lasts for 30 days
  • Most effective when placed where fruit flies have been seen
  • Attractive, apple-shaped trap blends in with d├ęcor
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