Tikysky Facial Tissues Packs, Pocket Tissues Travel Size Cute Print Designed 3 Ply Tissue for Kid School Travel Camping Office Store Car, 16 Packs of 960 Total Tissues


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Real material, 3 layers of thick tissue. Strong, durable, and won’t easily break when you blow your nose. Strong water absorption. Silky and flexible. Just what you need when you have a stuffy nose. Skin-friendly, soft, non-irritating. Soft touch, more comfortable to use. Repeated wiping does not make your nose sore. Colorful hand-drawn patterns. Add beauty and fun to your life. Independent small size single package design, Cleanliness on the go, easy to carry. Multi-application: It can be used to wipe food, cold nose, wet face, or tableware. Facial tissue is odorless and good for sensitive skin. You can prepare these Facial Tissues for your family or guests during cold and flu, allergy or back-to-school season, and in everyday life.

  • Soft Pocket Tissues: Made of high-quality wood pulp 3-layer soft, strong, thick, and absorbent tissues, which means they are more effective than two sheets of tissue paper, with good toughness and good water-absorbing quality, it won’t leave paper scraps on the face or hands after wrapping. Soft and comfortable touch can be used by children.
  • Cute Prints: These fun tissues are travel-sized come in individually wrapped packs. Compared with other products, our themed artwork on each piece of tissue makes them fun to put in kid’s backpacks or to use as cute party favors. These individual tissue packs will come in handy.
  • Practical and Convenient: These pocket-sized mini tissue packs for facials are small, portable, and ideal to have on hand for traveling. These travel tissue packs can be used year-round and stored easily in a backpack, pocket, car, purse, bag, or fanny pack. Especially during life’s little emergencies!
  • Be Prepared: You’ll be glad to have soft and absorbent Pocket Facial Tissues on hand when life throws you little messes, or the sniffles that could come your way. Prepare for each runny nose, sneeze, or small mess. Use the facial tissue bag that you carry with you to be prepared for all seasonal changes.
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