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Tomcat, 2 Pack, Rat Glue Trap, With Eugenol For Enhanced Stickiness, Non Poisonous, Safe To Use In Sensitive Areas, Pre Baited Low Profile, Perfect Combination Of Immediate Grip & Stretchable Hold, Pesticide Free, Provides Excellent Performance In Capturing Rats, Mice & Other Household Pests, Eugenol Formula Provides Enhanced Stickiness, Can Also Be Used For Cockroaches, Scorpions, Spiders & Most Other Insect Pests.Tomcat, 2 pack, rat glue trap, with eugenol for enhanced stickiness, non poisonous, safe to use in sensitive areas, pre baited low profile, perfect combination of immediate grip & stretchable hold, pesticide free, provides excellent performance in capturing rats, mice & other household pests, eugenol formula provides enhanced stickiness, can also be used for cockroaches, scorpions, spiders & most other insect pests.

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