Valvoline ATF +4 Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid 1 QT


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Valvoline ATF+4 is a full-synthetic transmission fluid specifically engineered to protect and prolong the life of (FCA) Fiat Chrysler automatic transmissions. It is officially licensed and approved by FCA and is fully back-serviceable and can be used wherever ATF+3, ATF+2 or ATF+ is specified. Recommended for use in the following applications: Mopar ATF+ MS 7176, ATF+2 MS 7176, ATF+3 and ATF+4.

  • Formulated with full-synthetic base stocks and advanced additive technology to meet the challenging demands of automatic transmissions
  • Improved thermal stability for longer fluid life; excellent low and high temperature performance
  • Enhanced anti-shudder protection for smooth shifting and maximum power transfer
  • Specific frictional properties for smooth clutch engagement
  • Developed with anti-wear technology to help improve transmission durability and prevent rust corrosion
  • Engineered with a proprietary blend of base oils and advanced additives to provide better oil flow at low temperatures and greater film protection at higher temperatures
  • Contains additives to reduce foaming
  • Superior anti-oxidation properties
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