Vicks VapoPad Family Pack, For Use in Vicks Vaporizers and Humidifiers12 Pack


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Get immediate relief from the sniffles with the Vicks VapoPad Family Pack 12-Pack (VSP19-FP). This product is specially designed to help you and your family deal with stubborn cold symptoms. Each piece provides up to eight hours of soothing menthol vapors so that you and your loved ones can rest easily and be productive throughout the day. Vick’s humidifier pads are non-medicated, making them safe to use for all ages without a prescription. This package contains 12 pieces that are compatible with many Vicks vaporizing machines, plug-ins and humidifiers (each sold separately). Be sure to check for compatibility first before making a purchase. The Vicks VapoPad Family Pack 12-Pack (VSP19-FP) works by releasing soothing vapors into the air to bring you comfort from cough, congestion, stuffy nose, and other cold symptoms.

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