Ziploc® Brand Slider Storage Bags with Power Shield Technology, Gallon, 60 Count


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Unloc a clutter-free life with Ziploc® slider storage bags. They feature a sturdy, expandable bottom that allows you to stand the bag up while you fill it, as well as Ziploc® Power Shield technology. These bags will help you to store food and non-food items more efficiently and confidently than ever before so you can maximize the space in your kitchen cupboard, fridge or anywhere else in your home.These puncture-resistant durable Ziploc® slider storage bags are a great, versatile way to bring order to your home and life. Use them for everything from craft kits to crayons, toys, care kits, pet accessories all the way through to fresh and non-fresh food items. The easy-open sliders help you to seal in flavors and aromas when storing food in the fridge but give you easy access when it’s time to open them. The expandable bottom gives you more opportunities to maximize space by standing items vertically and the strong BPA-free plastic means you can safely store fresh items. These gallon Ziploc® bags can be used again and again (when used as directed), which means you save money and reduce waste. Unloc better living with Ziploc® slider storage bags!

  • Sturdy expandable bottom so you can stand the plastic storage bags and fill them easily and conveniently
  • Power Shield technology makes Ziploc® Slider Quart Storage Bags great for protecting food or household items
  • Durable BPA-free plastic Ziploc® bags are stronger than Hefty on punctures and tears
  • Mindfully made to be reusable and recyclable
  • Includes 60 reusable gallon sized Ziploc® slider storage bags

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