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Ziploc® brand Snack Bags now with Grip ‘n Seal technology are the unbeatable bags to grab on the go. The extended tab and new, easy grip seal make it easier to open and close the bag. Whether you’re on the go for work or school or having a picnic in the park, Ziploc® brand Snack Bags are perfect for keeping your snacks as fresh as when you packed them… Plus, they’re the ideal size for dividing snacks into 100-calorie** servings. **Calories are approximate

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Ziploc® Bags are reusable after hand-washing and drying! We do not recommend reusing Ziploc® bags after storing raw meat, fish, eggs, or potentially allergy triggering foods.

USES: Ziploc® brand Snack Bags are ideal for packing things like cookies, fruit, chips, and vegetables.

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