Pure Science Potassium Gluconate 595mg – Potassium Supplement Regulates Blood Pressure, Supports Bone & Muscle Maintenance – 100 Vegetarian Potassium


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  • YOUR ANSWER TO POTASSIUM DEFICIENCY IN TABLET FORM: Hypokalemia, or low potassium level, can lead to low insulin, increasing blood sugar. If potassium stays very low, fatigue, confusion, muscle weakness and cramps can result. Pure Science Potassium Gluconate 99mg is specially formulated to lower risk of hypokalemia in tablet form for easier swallowing and quicker absorption.
  • SUPPORTS CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH & REGULATES BLOOD PRESSURE: Low potassium intake has been associated with high blood pressure and cardiovascular illness. An increase in potassium intake, through Pure Science Potassium Gluconate 99mg supplement, can be a helpful dietary measure that may help support cardiovascular health.
  • BONE & MUSCLE MAINTENANCE: Potassium promotes an alkaline environment in the body. Metabolic acidosis is triggered by a diet full of acidifying foods which can cause nitrogen excretion, loss in bone mineral density and muscle wasting. Potassium Gluconate maintains lean tissue mass and increases bone density.


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